Who We Are

We are a community of mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, healing practitioners, educators, farmers, ceremonialists, engineers, scientists and artists who treasure wellness as the most precious gift. We feel that healing comes from many different places, from Earth, Sun, Rain, Wind; from beauty and love; from art and poetry; from Plants and kind hands; from knowledge and intuition; from indigenous culture and scientific minds. We are beautiful women who gather to Share, to Learn, to Rest, and to Inspire each other.

With Love from WHC Organizers,

Katherine Glasa    Anya Tyutyunik    Marina Masterova

Tickets for 6th Annual Women’s Healing Conference, May 7 20016, are now on sale. Please click HERE for info and registration. 

Watch Women’s Healing Conference 2013:


Learn about Anya, and how the Women’s Healing Conference began:


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