2015 Teachers

KatherineBlueMdmKatherine Glasa empowers women to rapidly Transform Painful Stress into Peaceful Vitality, Wisdom and Inspiration. Katherine is a Corporate Consultant, Transformational Coach, Breath & Somatic Therapist, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Earth Honoring Minister and Ceremonialist. On May 9, 2015, join Katherine for a rejuvenating, grounding and enlightening outdoor breath journey embraced by Mother Earth. Find out about classes, events, and Schedule Your Complimentary 30-min Session by visiting www.truevbibrancy.com 


Revital Caunnamedrroll has been dedicated to the practice of Indian spiritual arts for over 20 years. Yoga and meditation led her to discover her passion for Indian Dance, where she finds the sensual and the spiritual expressing as one. She is an internationally acclaimed performer and teacher and draws her inspiration from the elements of nature, the wisdom of her  body, and the rich spiritual heritage of ancient India. Her teachings are guided by a sweet devotion to life, and her classes weave together intensity, surrender, and joyful play. Learn more about Revital and her many classes, products and retreats, at www.shaktibhakti.com.  On May 9, 2015, Join Revital for her Odissi Temple Dance workshop.





Karina Ghor  is a certified sound healer practitioner specializing in the technology of creativity. With her voice, she awakens body awareness to rewire your nervous system and activate the healing potential of your being. During sessions Karina integrates transformative tools of breath, movement, rhythm and sacred instruments. She invokes the embodiment of love, happiness and peace. On May 9, 2015, join Karina Ghor and Jovani for a Sound  Healing Journey. Check out her private sessions, and sound healing events in the SF Bay Area with band Sonic Mystery.




JovaniJovani is a vocalist, pianist, songwriter, sound healer and visual artist. She is a certified “Universal Energy Healing Master” in the Sri Lanka tradition of Spiritual Human Yoga. Following her heart and intuition, Jovani strives to empower self and others, which provides more chi = wellness.  As an ambassador for the light, she delivers the breath of life through the lungs of spirit via her voice. In addition to the voice, Jovani utilizes various instruments during healing sessions, such as an Indian shruti box, shakers and hand drums. On May 9, 2015, join Karina Ghor and Jovani for a Sound  Healing Journey.  Attend her sound healing events in the SF Bay Area with band Sonic Mystery, and check out her art and music at www.jojoworks.com






Kelly Dearie, a mother, teacher, and natural chef who helped her husband heal from two serious diseases deemed incurable by Stanford doctors. Through Creative Cultures, Kelly’s healing drinks are now sold throughout the bay area, soon to be distributed nationwide. Creative Cultures supports local, organic farms and is committed to sustainable practices like composting, and eco-friendly packaging. Join Kelly on May 9, 2015 for The Healing Art of Fermentation workshop, and explore Kelly’s classes and products at www.creativeculturesfoods.com




Shannon Sahaja is a dancer, yogini and carrier of earth medicine. She has been dedicated to the healing arts and somatic explorations for 15 years.  A certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, and Massage Therapist, Shannon weaves a rich tapestry of resources into all of her classes.  On May 9, 2015, join Shannon for her Being Danced workshop, a journey steeped in mindfulness, presence, playfulness and body awareness. Check out Shannon’s private sessions, classes and retreats at www.shannonsahaja.com






Shaaranya ​Geetanjali Chakraborty is a Certified Ayurveda Clinical Specialist and is an Associate Faculty Member at Vedika Global, where she teaches about Ayurvedic foods. She is also the Chief Ayurveda Consultant at the India Community Center’s Ayurveda Wellness Clinic. Shaaranya holds a Masters degree in Biochemistry from Georgetown Universit​y and spent five years in Molecular Biology research at Georgetown and Stanford Universities. She feels privileged to combine her Ayurvedic education and background in biochemistry to help ignite healing journeys for others. Join Shaaranya and her colleague Janya Tuere Andersen on May 9, 2015 for Women’s Wellness with Ayurveda. 





Aparna Amy Lewis serves as Associate Ayurveda Faculty at Vedika Gurukulam, College of Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda Fundamentals, Behavioral Health and Vedic Ethics.  As the Founder of Loving and Growing Whole Body Wellness Center, Aparna has spent over 15 years bringing health and well being to her clients.  She offers Ayurveda medical counseling, general food and lifestyle counseling, as well as reiki, massage, cranio-sacral, and somatic experiencing therapies, with a specialty in treating severe and chronic neuromuscular conditions. Aparna is a professional member of NAMA, AAPNA, CAAM, and AMTA.


unnamed (1)

Alison Wood is a mother, community herbalist, student of yoga & devoteé of the wild, who works as a healing arts practitioner and medicine maker in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Alison has been learning and practicing moontime observances from a yogic & Ayurvedic perspective for almost a decade and these practices have become a sacred & profound guiding force in her life. Alison offers moon-listening classes in her community and she is deeply honored and inspired to be able to gather with women and teach and share.


Camella Nair has been immersed in yoga since the age of 17 when her mother wanted someone to go with to a class. Since then she has trained and studied in India, England and the USA. Not only hatha yoga or the yoga of mindful postures, but as a priest performing baptisms, weddings and funerals. She has written 2 book on yoga. (Aqua and prenatal) and trains yoga teachers as well as running specialist workshops and retreats. She has taught at yoga conferences internationally and teaches with passion and humor.


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Lynda Caesara attended Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1974, the Heartsong Psychic Institute from 1975 to 1977 then taught at Heartsong for six years. She spent two years studying Christian mysticism before beginning Shamanic practice in 1982, which developed over the years to form the backbone of her instructional method. Lynda has also been active in bodywork from 1975 to present, studying and integrating techniques from Lauren Berry, John Upledger, Jean-Pierre Barral, Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo, and Frank Lowen into her practice. She has been teaching ongoing Energy Classes since 2001. On My 9, 2015, Lynda will teach the Understanding a Women’s Electromagnetic Body workshop.



юзерпикTaya Shopen, designer of women apparel and accessories, and mandala maker, helps women through the creation of arts and crafts to reconnect with themselves, become aware of their true wishes, clear the path for manifestation and take ownership of their lives. Creative work allows you to better know yourself and your true potential, reveals your inner resources, and gives you the power and courage to act and be the creator of your own life. Please explore Taya’s handmade treasures at:   www.etsy.com/shop/tayasthings

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